Adam Faith – Employee spotlight

Adam Faith is a gentleman who was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He began working at the young age of 17 cleaning carpets. Mr. Faith later went on to work for two separate companies doing water restoration. He enjoyed this job so much that he completed 14 years of service. At the age of 36 Adam became a single father to 3 amazing young children. He did what he could to keep himself and his family above water.

 Life has not always been great for Mr. Faith, he found himself homeless living out of his truck for quite some time. For over a year Adam bounced between many side jobs until he came across a maintenance position in a mobile home community. Adam was finally able to breath a sigh of relief because he found something stable for his little family. As he worked as a maintenance person, he would soon climb the company ladder and become the community manager for the mobile home park that he was working for. He spent 4 years in this community until a better job opportunity would come available in Live Oaks Manufactured Home Community.

Today Adam has been the community maintenance manager for well over 2 years. He lives on the property, so it makes things a lot easier for him when a resident needs assistance after hours. When asked what he enjoys the most about his job Mr. Faith stated he enjoys not having the drive time to and from work. Being able to be readily available when something comes up is a great plus to living on site. Although Mr. Faith can stay very busy in his position at Live Oaks, he does have an outside life. During his free time Adam enjoys walking the community, cooking, and entertaining his children. Mr. Faith has been a great addition to not only Live Oaks Manufactured Home Community but to The Firm,Inc as well.