Employee Spotlight – Christina Kingsbury

Christina started working at the age of fourteen as a manager at a Banana Boat Ice Cream Shop in Flint, Michigan.  She is Cherokee Indian and related to an Indian Princess.  As a child, her parents taught her to respect her elders, to treat everyone with kindness and to always have good work ethics.  She credits this upbringing for the woman she is today.  Christina has been blessed with 7 children and 5 beautiful granddaughters who are her heart and soul.  She married her husband, Cecil on August 9, 2002 and they have been working as a team, side by side, since 2008.  Christina is extremely family oriented. As a young adult, her mother became very ill and she took care of her for nine and a half years until she passed away on December 12, 2006.  She also took care of her father, a Vietnam Vet for six months until he passed away on October 20, 2018, due to agent orange.  

Christina has had experience working in many different trades throughout the years such as, landscaping, carpentry, floral design, mechanics, security and dispatch, home health care and cake decorating for any occasion.  On March 16, 2017, she and her family moved to the beautiful state of Kentucky where they purchased their 11.5 – acre farm in Upton.  She is currently raising chickens, 3 pigs and 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Her hobbies include: fishing, hunting, cake decorating, karaoke, planting flowers, landscaping, event planning, building, mechanics, cooking and being in nature.

Christina has been the park manager for Ponderosa Manor since October 2019.  She says that being a park manager is very rewarding because she has met a lot of nice people whom she has developed a wonderful working relationship with.  And it also gives her a chance to take pride in the community she proudly oversees.  

Ponderosa Manor is located in the heart of Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  It is minutes from the beautiful trails of Saunders Springs Nature Preserve, and the 11th largest city in the state of Kentucky.