Whether you are living in a mobile home community or an apartment complex there is always someone that the residents can speak to when it comes to concerns or when maintenance issues arise. A property manager touches every aspect of a community, in many ways on a personal level as well as a professional level. It is both constant with day-to-day operations and varied with unexpected issues that arise and become a priority. Many people do not know what goes on behind the scenes of a hard-working property manager and we are here to give you an insight on what their day may look like.

  Many managers start their workday by setting down in front of the computer and checking their emails. These emails can come from the owners of the community and from residents. They quickly glance through their inbox for anything urgent, and then work their way through the emails corresponding with those that they may need to. This can include sending monthly statements, sharing information about current tenants, or keeping the owners updated on any issues regarding rent or maintenance. Once emails are complete, they can make their way to listening to any voicemails that they have from residents. These calls can be anything from maintenance issues, 30- day move out notices, or questions about rent. As a property manager they must decide how and when to reply to these types of issues and do so with the owner’s best interest in mind.

 The next step in their day is to have a team huddle with maintenance to give them their work orders for the day. They then contact any contractors that may need to handle bigger issues and schedule the resident for the repairs. As a property manager they must make sure these appointment times are convenient for the resident and cost- effective for the owner. In some cases, the manager is responsible for being present when contractors come out and the resident cannot be there. Handling work orders can take up a significant part of the managers day, especially if they have a lot of properties that they are handling. Making sure that maintenance request is followed through with quickly and effectively will keep smaller issues from turning into major issues and will keep the residents happy, safe, and comfortable in their home.

Lastly the last part of their day can include the most important of their duties as a property manager the collection of rent. They are responsible for making sure that each resident pays rent on time, documenting the payment, allocating any fees, and providing the residents with proof of payment. When rent is not collected, property managers must always send out late notices to those who are late and in the worst-case scenario start the eviction process. This by far is the hardest part of a manager’s job but it is something that must be done. A property manager’s job is rarely done when they leave the office. They are continually handling after hour issues, thinking of ways to solve tenant issues, brainstorming ideas to fill vacancies and handling emergencies.

In conclusion property managers are constantly working on making sure that the residents in the community are happy and safe. Their days are filled from the time they get to work and continues even when they are at home. So the next time you come in contact with your property manager take the time to give them a thank you.