Pam Modos is the Chief Strategy Officer for The Firm Inc and has been with the company for 16 years. She lives with her husband, Pat in Kalkaska, Michigan. She started her work career as a Methods and Procedures Analyst for an insurance company in Hastings, Michigan. She left the insurance company to teach high school math in River Rouge which is a suburb of Detroit. She also taught adult education math to UAW workers and was the first teacher to ever go directly onto the factory floor to teach statistical process control related math to UAW workers at their job sites. She was later hired into Ford Motor Company as an Industrial Engineer. She worked for them for 13 years and worked her way up thru Material Planning and Logistics division to a position as Vehicle Scheduling Manager at Ford. She and her husband had purchased a bar in Northern Michigan and after her husband retired from Ford she decided to leave as well to help him run the bar. Pam is a dedicated and hard worker with an amazing talent for mentoring. The Firm Inc. is very fortunate to have Pam an Officer within the company.