A Day In The Life Of A Maintenance Manager

In a mobile home community majority of the time, they have what is called a maintenance manager. A maintenance manager is a person that is either on the premises or on call when an emergency takes place, or a repair needs to be done. Their job is to come in and repair broken water lines, fix lighting, replace appliances that may have gone bad and many other items. Life as a maintenance manager can be rewarding, but at times can become challenging. As a wife of a maintenance worker, we always must be on our toes. It does not matter what time of day an emergency arises; he is always out the door within minutes of receiving a call. Responding to an emergency call can be very frustrating on the maintenance person because things tend to happen when they are trying to enjoy dinner with their family, taking a bath, tending to their everyday life, but they never mind coming to the aid in fixing the water leak you might have.

Water leaks are one of the top items that maintenance will be fixing around the community. These tend to randomly happen, more often during the winter months when water pipes are not well insulated. Pipes expand and decompress as they get cold risking the chance of them busting and causing a large water leak. Depending on the location of the leak it can take the maintenance worker a few minutes to a few hours if he must dig and locate the leak. Another reason a water leak can occur is if the water pipes are old and brittle. This will cause the lines to break easily. I have seen from experience that an old brittle water line can snap and break just by mowing the grass.

Home repairs are another item that you can find maintenance working on throughout the community. This can include repairing a broken door or changing locks. If a resident that is renting their home has an appliance that has gone bad the maintenance person would be responsible for removing the broken appliance and replacing it with a new one that is in working condition. In rental homes if you have flooring that is soft, and needs replaced the maintenance person will take care of this issue for you as well. Depending on the level of expertise the maintenance person can work on heating and air systems or refer the property manager to a different contractor to resolve that issue if it is something he can not resolve on his own.

Being a maintenance manager sure does sound like it can be a lot of work especially when things come up unexpectedly. So next time you see your community maintenance person out and about give them a thank you for all they do to keep your community running and operating smoothly