Be A Great Mobile Home Park Owner

When owning and operating a mobile home community constantly think “pride of ownership”.  Not only “pride of ownership” for yourself, but also for the residents.  You want to attract high-quality residents, so you will not have as many problems and high-quality people look for high-quality products.

First of all, your property should be clean, even on the street that runs past your park. Signage should be clear of any trees and be kept in good condition.  The entrance of the property will be the first impression of a prospect and is of the up-most importance.

If you can afford to pave your streets this will put you way up on the desirable list.  If you can’t afford paving, make sure you keep gravel on your streets and sites so that people are not dealing with mud.  Gravel requires occasional monitoring so check your common areas, such as mailbox complexes and picnic areas to be sure the ground cover is adequate.

Next to paving or graveling streets, driveways and common areas, weed control would be next on the list.  Weeds growing out of control signal that your property is not being cared for.  Also, leaves should be raked all year long to keep fence lines and common areas clean and neat.

The skirting around the mobile home is for more than just looks, it is important for energy efficiency and for protecting the “belly” of the home.  Repair holes immediately before they can cause damage.  Also, pressure washing the exterior of the mobile home on a regular basis can keep it looking fresh and the overall appearance of the park cleaner.

Keep your park safe for the residents.  You would be surprised how many potential hazards can be found in any community and mobile home parks are no exception.  One example many people often take for granted are trees.  If not properly looked after and maintained, branches can drop on houses, cars, the road and even children.

Enforcing the rules and regulations are also very important when it comes to running a safe, peaceful and profitable mobile home park.  Other residents are affected by a bad resident’s behavior, not just the park owner.  Make sure every resident receives a list of the rules and regulations of the park when signing the lease and have them read and sign the document.  Additionally, make sure to communicate any changes effectively.  Continually being vigilant for infringements, listening to complaints and addressing concerns can quickly become a full-time job.  This is a good reason to take on park management as a permanent role.

You can never go wrong by promoting good landlord-tenant relationships.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be friends with every single one of your tenants, or that your relationship has to be strictly business.  There is a balance to be found in between.  You also want to have a degree of approachability among your residents so that they don’t hesitate to reach out to you when they have concerns. This will help solve many problems amicably and efficiently.

In conclusion:  Knowing your responsibilities and expectations, and caring about your residents by running a smooth, neat, safe and pleasant mobile home park will help make you A Great Mobile Home Park Owner.

By Gina Cheatham/Sales Director at The Firm Inc.