Building Our Presence

Angelica Prater is a young lady who began working with The Firm in 2019. She started out as a property manager at our Jones Acres Mobile Home Community in Macon, Ga. She helped set up and fill approximately 20 brand new homes that were brought into Jones Acres. She is a hardworking and dedicated individual who takes pride in the work she does, and it shows. She filled Jones Acres with great residents and developed a caring community filled with children who gather throughout the community to play. Jones Acres was once a community that had no life and when The Firm took it under their careful care, they revamped it by paving the roads, taking out older homes and doing lots of landscape clearing. The Firm made Jones Acres into the wonderful community that it is now. Angelica’s job as the property manager for this community was to oversee the collection of payments from the residents and to get new homes filled quickly. Developing and creating a social media presence for Jones Acres through a Facebook page was something that came naturally to Angelica. She would post a few times a week to the page to keep her residents informed about things going on around her community. She used her knowledge of social media to guide her. Building this presence on Facebook and making her community come together not only throughout the park but online stood out to the CEO of The Firm. They offered her a position as The Firm’s social media coordinator on top of her duties as the property manager. She worked hard building The Firm’s presence working on their website ( as well as all social media accounts. Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram ( are just some of the things that she takes care of. Instagram allows her to post pictures with captions that draw others to reach out and see what kind of work we do in the communities. She uses Twitter to inform people about homes as they become available so that we can get them filled in a timely matter. In just a few short months of her taking on her new role with the company she has helped get The Firm’s name out there. The time and effort she put into her role is greatly appreciated.