It has been always a debate on whether it is a good idea to buy second hand properties rather than a brand new one. Manufactured or mobile homes are affordable housing but that doesn’t mean it is dirt cheap. It’s still going to cost you a big chunk of money. Buying a used or pre-owned mobile home is not a bad option. The demand in mobile home housing is on a steady rise. You may want to check out used or pre-owned mobile homes and that’s perfectly fine. Here are some tips to consider when checking out used mobile homes:

  • Check Listings – Like any other real estate properties or homes, you can find listings of used or pre-owned mobile homes online. There are also real estate agents that cater to mobile home housings and can direct you to some properties to check out.

You may also want to check foreclosed or repossessed mobile homes through short selling, auction or through banks’ Real Estate Owned Properties (REOs). Prices of foreclosed mobile homes may be quite high as the land it sits on is included in the title while repossessed mobile homes are mobile homes taken by the bank but the land is not included in the property.

  • How old is the mobile home – When checking out mobile homes, often they will include what year it was made in the listing. If not, make sure to ask how old it is as the quality of the house may be different. Any mobile homes built before 1976 are not approved by the HUD code and thus, it may be built with inferior materials. Knowing the age of your mobile home is important if you are planning to move it to another location or land. 

Also check for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the mobile home. You will find the details of the manufacturer, the state, and the serial number of the unit. You can then check and verify the authenticity of the unit through this.

  • Location or Land/Lease Agreements – Look into the community where the mobile home is located. Having a look at what type of community you’ll be living in can give you an idea on what it’s like to live there. It’s also important to know whether the land is rented and its costs. 

If you are planning to relocate the mobile home to another location or community, know about the zonings and the state laws about mobile home housing. Some states have strict property age or have zoning restrictions. It’s also important to remember that mobile homes are built differently according to its state’s requirements. When moving states, the mobile home must be in the same ‘zone’ or should meet or exceed the required standards of the states. 

  • Water and Electric System –  It is best to visit the mobile home first and check out the condition of the house on your own. That way, you’ll be able to figure out what repairs it might need and other expenditures. Check whether there is a sufficient electric circuit or that it is up to date with the energy efficiency standard. This goes to the water and plumbing system as well. Check every nook and cranny in which the water flows to find any leaks, molds, or any weird wet spots. If you’re unsure on what to check, visit the mobile home together with an inspector to ensure what repairs and maintenance are needed and whether it is up to standards.

Doing the research both during the search for a used mobile home and after you find the one you like will help to ensure that you are happy with your new purchase.