Dealing With The Current Business Environment

Amid the swirl and stress of operating a small business in the current environment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At our company, The Firm, Inc we own and operate mobile home parks. Because of this, it is very important that we focus on the residents in addition to our employees. When you feel like you are out of control and your world is spinning, don’t underestimate the power of stopping to take a deep breath. Just take a moment to organize your thoughts, set goals, and write a to-do list with small and large tasks that you can check off for that satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

To help build that plan and execute it, we’ve compiled ideas to help you out.

Tackle your to-do list

If you’ve had to reduce your operating hours or temporarily close, you may now have time to dig into your list of things that have typically been put on the back burner.

  • READ- Catch up on material that is industry specific. Become more knowledgeable.
  • Do research on potential new suppliers and technologies. Who are the best and look to them for inspiration and ideas.
  • Explore potential business leads and opportunities for the future. Now is the time to develop a deeper pool of prospective clients to work with over the long term.
  • Develop or improve detailed training material for all staff positions to help ease the rehiring process later and to be generally prepared for future training needs.
  • Look at your branding and marketing materials. Do they need updating? If so, tap into employees who have skills in graphic design, photography, writing, or general marketing.
  • Tasks that you were planning for the upcoming months? Get ahead of schedule on things like spring cleaning, planning future specials and sales, designing signage, or doing inventory.

Now is the time to move your business to the next level. At The Firm, Inc we are not survivors….we are thrivers!