Small space living is on the rise lately and studies show that millennials or the younger generation nowadays opt to live in small spaces or downsizing their homes. It’s not just about minimalism. Often, people trade their big houses for a smaller one due to its convenience and cheaper maintenance costs and utility bills.

Living in small spaces does not mean you’d be embracing the minimalist life. Interior design plays a bigger role in creating and making your space look wide and spacious. It focuses on utilizing every space you have in your home. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you with maximizing every inch of your mobile home:

  • Let there be lights – Having adequate lighting will give your home an illusion that your space is bigger and wider. Don’t rely heavily on the natural lighting of your mobile home. Instead, install additional pendant lights with each room having at least 4 lights installed.
  • Use white or cool tones for your walls and ceiling – Painting your ceilings white or a lighter shade with your walls help bounce the lights and make it brighter and feel spacious. Painting your ceilings a light color makes it appear taller, especially if you have low ceilings. Using dark tones for your walls is usually done if you want your space to look more intimate. 
  • Avoid big furniture – Bigger furniture will not only occupy a chunk of space, it will also make your home look small. The rule of thirds and scaling are often considered when choosing the right furniture and elements in your home. With low ceilings, you may want to install your cupboards and cabinets closer to the ceilings. Properly arranging your furniture can also help. Place your longer couch parallel to the longer wall instead of the small sofa.

The use of floor to ceiling curtains can also give the illusion of having large windows. Install the curtain rod close to the ceiling. And make sure that the color of the curtains complements with your walls.

  •  Accent and Cohesion- Afraid that you’re making your home look dull and boring? Pain an accent wall in your room. Small space living doesn’t need to be a plain white box. Envision your space and come up with a color, texture, or theme you want to stick with. This way, your space will look like one big space and everything just flows seamlessly.
  • Minimal Decors – Keeping your home with enough space that each item can breathe and be seen gives off the feeling of freedom. This doesn’t mean that you should decorate your mobile home with bare minimum of items or appliances. Keep your decors minimal. Organize your stuff with hidden storages. Put a potted plant on your side table instead of a stack of magazines. Instead of a hanging chandelier, use a flush mount chandelier or lights. 

There are many different tricks and techniques that you can use to make your mobile home look and feel more spacious.