Employee Spotlight – Pete Logaglio

   Pete Logaglio started his management experience when he was sent to leadership school while in the United States Army. His leadership classes lead him to gain many years of knowledge on what being a great property manager was all about. During his time of service, he endured many things along the way to help him succeed in the career as a property manager today. Mr. Logaglio attained the rank of Sargent and learned many great qualities of leadership during that time. Also, while in the Army he was sent to medical corpsman school where he later became an emergency room medic. After the Army he continued in the field of human medicine and attained the position of supervisor of intensive care as well as the title of clinic manager. He was also a wildlife biology major in college and was planning to become a veterinarian before becoming involved in human medicine in the Army. Mr. Logaglio says, “I was successful in these endeavors by using the leadership skills of leading by example I learned in the Army.”

   Mr. Logaglio, since retiring from the Army has spent the last 17 years as the property manager for Rolling Hills Mobile Home Community located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Arkansas claims to be the Natural State with an abundance of animals, hills, mountains, lakes, and rivers.  Rolling Hills Mobile Home Community reflects that Natural State idea with trees and rolling hills. One of the things Mr. Logaglio likes about being a property manager is being the hub of a community. Working with others to create a safe and pleasant environment to live in.  He has also had the opportunity to see children of Rolling Hills Mobile Home Community grow up and have children of their own. He has seen many children grow up and serve their country in the military or become great teachers.  He has taken great pride in guiding and building Rolling Hills into a great community with a lot of history.

When Mr. Logaglio is not working, he enjoys his free time walking his dog, enjoying nature and the animals that surround it. He has a passion for wildlife. He loves to do research on animals he sees during his walks.

Mr. Logaglio is an overall amazing person to get to know, he has a lot of history, and we are grateful to have him on our team as a community manager for Rolling Hills. The Firm, Inc team also wants to thank Mr. Logaglio for his service to our country.