Gina Cheatham- Employee spotlight

Gina Cheatham is an amazing lady who has a heart of gold. She is a woman that is kindhearted and cares a lot about anyone that crosses her path. Gina was born in Springfield Missouri, she moved to Miami in 1981 and lived in Miami until 1997 where she then moved to Columbus, Georgia. Mrs. Cheatham has been married for 43 years to her best friend Mike. Gina and Mike are high school sweethearts and met when she was sixteen. They both have 3 beautiful daughters and share a total of five grandchildren. She is very involved in her grandchildren’s lives. She is the happiest when she is around her family. Gina has an older brother and sister-in-law who she is tremendously thankful for. She lost her younger brother in 2005 and younger sister in 2020.

Gina has a very soft spot for animals and has been obsessed with horses since she was a young girl. Her hobbies include decorating her beautiful home, shopping, weightlifting, swimming, and traveling. She also loves college football and enjoys cheering on her favorite team the Miami Hurricanes. “GO MIAMI” she says. Summer is her favorite season and Christmas is her favorite holiday. She loves decorating each room in her home for Christmas and always starts her Christmas spirit as soon as she can.

For many years Gina owned an All-Star Competition Cheerleading gym in which she was able to wear many hats. She gained plenty of knowledge in sales instructing, coaching, accounting, and her favorite mentoring kids. After she sold her gym, she went to work as a bridal consultant, and she loved it. “Helping make someone’s special day special was very rewarding” she stated. After many fun and rewarding years she left the bridal business to care for her first grandchild while her daughter was in college. She cared for her granddaughter from the age of 2 until she turned 7. Gina said that these years were the best times of her life.

 In 2016 she was offered a job as a leasing agent for her brother’s company known as The Firm, Inc. She knew nothing about the mobile home business but fell in love with her position almost immediately. Meeting new people and showing them new homes was very exciting to her. Years later she was promoted to her new role as the Director of Sales and Occupancy. She still gets very excited for her clients on a day-to-day basis. She says that it is very rewarding knowing that she has helped someone, made someone happy and helped make their dream of owning a home come true. Gina has had a huge impact on filling vacancies throughout many mobile home communities. She has been with The Firm, Inc for close to 6 years and enjoys her job the same if not more than when she first joined the company. She is a very hard worker and is dedicated to changing peoples lives one step at a time. We are grateful to have such an amazing woman as part of The Firm, Inc staff.