Growing Up In A Mobile Home Community

In 1993 I was born in a mobile home that my parents owned and rented the lot. My parents were young and could not afford a big home, so they decided settling down in a mobile home community was in their best interest. Little did they know that a small investment would end up being somewhere they raised a family of 5. The community that they settled down in was a large community with almost 300 homes filled with families. Shortly after my parents got settled down in their home my father became the maintenance personnel. He worked in this position for the next 18 years.

I do not remember much about my life from the time I was born until the time I reached about 5 years old. As I got older, I made friends with children around the same age as me and we would play in our yards every day. Living in a mobile home community there were a lot of families with small children that made it extremely easy to make friends with and have a playmate to play with. These friendships grew as we grew older in age.  

After my parents had my brother in 1995 the home, we lived in was beginning to become too small for us, so my parents bought a larger mobile home in another mobile home community just down the hill from the one we used to live in. This home was perfect in my parent’s eyes, they were able to fix this home up the way they wanted to. I can remember my parents tearing out the old flooring in the living room and kitchen and replacing it with hard wood floors. After the remodeling, the home was so beautiful. My brother and I each had our own room.

 Over the next 10 years we grew up in the same house making a lot of new friends. Once we hit middle school years, I remember being able to play outside from morning until the streetlights came on. Once those streetlights came on, we knew that it was time to come home for the day. We would spend all day riding our bikes through out the community gathering friends and playing hide and seek. My mother finally trusted us enough to let us walk from our house to the bus stop each morning. This was one my favorite things to do, I would walk to my friend’s house in the morning and meet them so we could all walk together down to wait for the bus. Growing up I had a great childhood.  

Now that I am a mother of my own three children, If I come across a mobile home community, I would not think twice about raising my children in a great community like the one that I was raised in. I believe that growing up in a mobile home community is part of who I am today. So, if you are wondering if moving to a mobile home community is the best choice for you and your family, give it a shot you will not be disappointed.