Jacob Lindsey was born in Portland, Oregon and moved to Franklin, Tennessee when he was 13 years old.  He met his wife, Jennifer in high school and their first date was attending the Junior Prom together.  He and his wife have been married for two and half years and together for eleven years.  

Jacob is one of five siblings, 3 brothers and one sister, who is the youngest.  One of his brothers, his brother’s wife and their baby live right next door to Jacob and he loves spending time with them and spoiling his nephew.  

Jacob’s first job was as a life guard at a YMCA in Franklin, Tennessee.  He has also been a life insurance agent and a water park auditor.

When Jacob began working for The Firm Inc. he relocated to Albany, Georgia where he was a leasing agent and community manager.  Two years later he moved to Columbus, Georgia where he was a Regional Manager for several parks in the Macon, Georgia area.  A year later he moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he is also a Regional Manager for several parks.  

As a Regional Manager for several of our communities his job entails the following:  Coordinating projects with vendors and contractors such as paving, tree trimming, and the home set up process for new homes.  He also communicates with the park manager about project updates, rent collections and any other community issues which may arise.  Jacob says, “I enjoy leading projects to make sure the residents have a community they can be proud to call home”.

His hobbies include: Weightlifting, hiking, board games, puzzles and reading.  He says he enjoys traveling and hopes to see many parts of the world.

By: Gina Cheatham

Director of Sales and Accounting