Kayla Seaborn

Kayla Seaborn is the community manager for two of our communities located in Dothan, Al. Bridgewater Bay and Oak Hill communities have been her pride and joy for a little over a year. When Kayla was asked what she enjoys about her position as the community manager for these two communities she stated, “Interacting with my residents and making them laugh is my favorite part of my job.” When Kayla is not tending to her communities, she enjoys spending time with her family. Together they enjoy fishing, swimming, hunting and just above all spending quality time with one another. Kayla and her spouse share a total of 9 children together, she currently has two teenage children who live at home. Her daughter enjoys helping Kayla at work while her son enjoys the outdoors. She also has 2 dogs; one is an exotic Bullie and the other is her American Bullie that is her service animal. Kayla is a great asset to her communities, and we are glad to have her as part of the team.