Lead Your Team by Example and Get Your Hands Dirty

When the CEO of a company leads by example, is hands on, and isn’t afraid to get his or hers hands dirty, the team will show more commitment to achieve the company’s goals.  The team will drop the “me” mentality and take up the “we” mentality.  They will combine their efforts to ensure they achieve their goals as well as the goals of the company.  When a leader of the company leads by example, it shows their employees that they do not just sit and watch their team build their business for them, but they are more than willing to get their own hands dirty.

A leader who leads by example positions themselves as a credible person who deserves to be respected and trusted by the team.  The team sees the leader as a person who understands them, rather than as a person who only gives instruction.  They will appreciate what the leader does, and work towards helping the leader achieve the goals of the company.  The actions of the leader should serve as a standard of what is appropriate for the team and what is not.  Although leaders are meant to give directions, they should also know their trades well and get involved in the actual work.  

Good leaders appreciate the contribution of their team members, and this helps to strengthen the relationship between the team and the leader.   The leader should exhibit good communication and listening skills such that no employee will feel inferior to other persons within the team.  Also, the leader should be honest, fair and open to discussions.  Valuing the contributions of the employees enhances the leader’s ability to interact with their team in a meaningful way.

Good leaders know that leadership is a team sport.  To build respect as a leader, you need to appreciate and respect your team.  It is important to give credit where credit is due.  A good team leader understands that when the team does well, everyone does well.  

Leaders should not be above getting their hands dirty.  This generates a strong work ethic, something the team will respect and that will establish a standard going forward.  It’s important to keep the team motivated and excited to do their job every day.  A good leader is enthusiastic about their work and also about their role as a leader.  Employees will respond more openly to a person of passion and dedication.  Leaders need to be a part of the team working towards the same goal. 

In conclusion:  I have been fortunate to be able to work with this type of leadership within our company.  Kirby Horton, the CEO of The Firm has never led from the sidelines.  He works alongside his team and builds trust while expanding our skills and knowledge.  He doesn’t micromanage his team and understands that he doesn’t have to control every aspect.  He treats his team as his equal, leads by example, and isn’t afraid to roll up sleeves and get his hands dirty.

By: Gina Cheatham/Sales Director, The Firm, Inc.