My Career Chose Me

Written By Angelica Prater, Social Media Coordinator

When it comes to choosing your career path it can be difficult to know what field you would like to pursue. What piques your interest, what are you passionate about? As I grew older, I found it difficult to choose what I wanted to do for my career choice. Did you know that in some cases your career can choose you? Well in my case it did just that.

In 2017 my family had packed up our things from Texas and traveled across states to our destination of Georgia. Why Georgia you ask? Our family wanted a fresh start after my husband had suffered the loss of his grandfather. We were very new to a town called Macon having to start from ground zero and work our way up. As young parents of three small children we made sure that we found jobs to help stabilize us financially. My husband and I had started working in a local restaurant as servers. The money was great, but I knew that was not the career that I wanted for the rest of my life. I worked at this restaurant for a little over a year working my way into new positions. The last position that I filled was the shift lead which is one step below a management position. This is where the lightbulb in my head turned on. A passion of mine is working face to face with people that come and go. I am a people person, and I would consider myself hospitable but firm. So, I resigned from my position in hopes to find the perfect career.

In 2018 a new possibility arrived, and I could not wait to put my foot in the door. I was at the time a stay-at-home mother of my three small children. I was eager to get back to work. My mother-in-law was a property manager for a couple of mobile home communities around our area. She had a dilemma of not being able to be in two places at the same time. So, she had reached out for help and I was glad to be able to assist. The very next day I was offered a position as an assistant property manager to help ease the load of my mother-in-law. I worked and learned the ropes of being a great property manager throughout the next year.

In 2019 my mother-in-law and I were offered a different position in a mobile home community that we both worked that had just changed ownerships. We became a team she managed the property as I leased the brand-new homes that were brought in to rejuvenate this community. I knew this was my calling. I absolutely loved every single part of my day-to-day operations. In just a few short months I had learned so much from speaking to new residents to showing and filling homes. Here we are in 2021 and I have gained so much more experience as a property manager and even added a new role to my career path as a social media coordinator. My career chose me and I could not be more blessed to have a job that I am passionate about.