Nashville based Investor/Operator Completes Improvement and Sale of Georgia Manufactured Housing Community

Nashville, TN (February 10, 2021) – The Firm, Inc., a Regional Manufactured Housing Community Investor/Operator, successfully completed a total rehabilitation and sale of Jones Acres Mobile Home Park located in Macon, GA. The Jones Acres Community was another engagement highlighting the professionalism and quality of work that The Firm, Inc. successfully completes with investors in communities across the United States.

In just 18 months, The Firm, Inc. executed the acquisition, rehabilitation, and sale of Jones Acres and created a great community that will be a highlight in the Macon area.  Jones Acres was a very sizable effort but The Firm’s strategic process was effectively applied and the result was an incredible turnaround project.

The Firm, Inc. highlights for the Jones Acres Community are:

  • Removed 20 obsolete homes
  • Significantly improved the infrastructure system
  • Improved a majority of the plumbing system
  • Replaced septic tanks and field lines
  • Infilled 23 new Legacy homes
  • Increased occupancy from 65% to 100%
  • Converted 20 Park Owned Homes to Tenant Owned Homes
  • Improved collections from 70% to 98%
  • Paved all streets
  • Total landscaping improvement

“We knew that Jones Acres would present us with a “heavy lift” but sticking to our plan, we made it happen.  It took our entire team, simply doing what they do best, and we did something very special with Jones Acres and gave Macon, GA. a great new community.”, said Kirby Horton, CEO of The Firm, Inc.

“We were very excited about Jones Acres. The result was a successful project and sale of the park. Kirby and his team have the knowledge and skills to execute.”, said Managing Partner Tomasz Alemany.

The mission of The Firm, Inc. is to assist other Investors and Operators in the revitalization of under-performing manufactured housing communities, for both the community residents as well as their investment partners. They implement a strategy and process that is timely, strategically efficient, and cost effective. For residents, they provide safe, clean, and affordable housing. For investment partners, they provide a proven method of creating significant returns.

The Firm, Inc. can be reached at 231-564-0899 or and 850-445-4319 or