Nashville based Investor/Operator Completes Improvement and Sale of Georgia Manufactured Housing Community

Nashville, TN (December 31, 2020) – The Firm, Inc., a Regional Manufactured Housing Community Investor/Operator, successfully completed a total rehabilitation and sale of the Green Pine Lane Mobile Home Park and Green Pine Acres Mobile Home Park located in Macon, GA. The Green Pines Portfolio was another textbook example of the professionalism and quality of work that The Firm, Inc. engages in with investors and communities across the Southeast. 

In just 11 months, The Firm, Inc. executed the acquisition, total rehabilitation, and sale of the Green Pines Portfolio and created a great community for residents to call home.  The Green Pines Portfolio presented a unique set of challenges that required a more focused strategy.  Given the circumstances, The Firm, Inc. executed an incredible turnaround project that met expectations.

The Firm, Inc. highlights for the Green Pines Portfolio are:

∙ Removed 24 obsolete homes.

∙ Infilled 15 new Legacy homes. 

∙ Increased occupancy to 100%

∙ Converted most Park Owned Homes to Tenant Owned Homes

∙ Improved collections to 90%.  

∙ Paved all street and parking pads.

∙ Sub-metered all homes for water.

∙ Installed new garbage collection area.

 “We had to strategize a bit deeper on our plan for the Green Pines Portfolio.  But knowing the competitive nature of our Team, I knew we would find a way to simply make it happen. We worked our strategy and created a great community.”, said Kirby Horton, CEO of The Firm, Inc.  

The mission of The Firm, Inc. is to assist other Investors and Operators in the revitalization of under-performing manufactured housing communities, for both the community residents as well as their investment partners. They implement a strategy and process that is timely, strategically efficient, and cost effective. For residents, they provide safe, clean, and affordable housing. For investment partners, they provide a proven method of creating significant returns.

The Firm, Inc. can be reached at 231-564-0899 or and 706-223-9812 or