Nashville based Investor/Operator Completes Improvement and Sale of Tennessee Manufactured Housing Community

Nashville, TN (October 29, 2020) – The Firm, Inc., a National Manufactured Housing Community  Investor/Operator, with the investor group, successfully completed the sale of Oakwood Mobile Home Park in  Clarksville, TN. The project demonstrated meaningful improvements of the homes and community for  residents, and led to a successful investment exit for the investor group. The Oakwood Community was yet  another textbook example of the professionalism and quality of work that The Firm, Inc. engages in with  investors and communities across the United States. 

The year 2020 presented everyone with completely uncharted times and industry performance was extremely  uncertain. In applying their proven process to this project, The Firm, Inc. increased community performance  across the board in Oakwood. 

The Firm, Inc. highlights for the Oakwood Community are: 

• Increased rent revenue by 30% 

• Converted 27 out of 35 Park Owned Homes to Resident Owned Homes 

• Created a website 

• Implemented a Social Media Strategy 

• Improved occupancy and collections.  

• Completed park “Curb Appeal” projects. 

“Once again, our entire Team made this project flow so smoothly! Although not as big of a challenge as we’ve have had in the past, I was super impressed by the way we came into the project and just made things happen.  In addition to our Team, our strategy played a huge role in the success in Oakwood. We appreciate the  opportunity presented to us by the investor team and look forward to working with them on future projects”,  said Kirby Horton, CEO of The Firm, Inc. 

“We are so proud of the results of this project, including significant improvements in the homes and in the  overall appearance and feel of the community, which led to a positive investment result. Kirby and his team  brought focus, intensity, urgency, and really worked well with the investor group objectives. We are impressed  by the team at The Firm, and look forward to additional projects” said David VanderLugt, representative of the  investor group. 

The mission of The Firm, Inc. is to assist other Investors and Operators in the revitalization of under performing manufactured housing communities, for both the community residents as well as their investment  partners. They implement a strategy and process that is timely, strategically efficient, and cost effective. For  residents, they provide safe, clean, and affordable housing. For investment partners, they provide a proven  method of creating significant returns. 

The Firm, Inc. can be reached at 231-564-0899 or and 850-445-4319 or