Nashville Based Investor/Operator Completes Sale Of Georgia Manufactured Housing Community

Nashville based Investor/Operator Completes Sale of Georgia Manufactured Housing Community

Nashville, TN (Dec 5, 2022) – The Firm Inc., a Regional Manufactured Housing Community Investor/Operator, in partnership with FSP Covington, LLC has completed the infill and rehabilitation of Riverside Estates Mobile Home Park located in Covington, GA. FSP Covington LLC is part of an investor group that The Firm Inc. has successfully partnered with before and is led by Jacob Harcrow. The Riverside Estates MHC was a unique opportunity for The Firm, Inc. encompassing both mobile homes and RVs. The Riverside Estates community has benefited greatly from the years of experience and dedication that The Firm, Inc brings to any project.

In Riverside Estates MHC, The Firm, Inc. completed improvements that have created a better community for residents to live in.   The project in its entirety has also created a return on investment that its investors can be pleased with. The completed enhancements to Riverside Estates include the following:

  • Brought in and leased 15 new Legacy mobile homes
  • Removed all abandoned homes
  • Sold all existing park owned homes
  • Improved conditions around the park
  • Paved the streets
  • Improved collections
  • Complete landscaping project to improve overall curb appeal

 “Everyone at The Firm, Inc applied our proven processes at Riverside Estates.  Throughout this project, we met every challenge head on and overcame each obstacle placed in our path. It was a pleasure working once again with Jacob Harcrow and his team. We look forward working on many future projects with him.”, said Kirby Horton, CEO of The Firm, Inc.

The mission of The Firm, Inc. is to assist investors in the revitalization of under-performing manufactured housing communities, for both the community residents as well as their investment partners. They implement a strategy and process that is timely, strategically efficient, and cost effective. For residents, they provide safe, clean, and affordable housing. For investment partners, they provide a proven method of creating significant returns.

The Firm, Inc. can be reached at 615-482-0987 or or               231-564-0899 or