New Beginnings: A Great Place To Live

Montezuma, Georgia is a small town made up of approximately 3,500 people. This petite town is located 51 miles just South of Macon. Driving through Montezuma there is a breathtaking scenery to look at from the Mennonites growing crops and farm animals all around. The Mennonite community makes up a large part of Montezuma; bringing in a delicious cafeteria style restaurant to enjoy a late lunch. They also own many of the local businesses in the area. Although this town is small, there is a lot of history that makes this town pleasant to be in. Montezuma was incorporated in 1854 after the community of Traveler’s Rest relocated to be near the site of the new railroad. Montezuma was named for the famous Aztec leader by soldiers returning from the Mexican War (1846-48).Downtown Montezuma is on the National Register of Historic Places with architecture dating back to the 1850s. Situated on the east bank of the Flint River, downtown restaurants offer visitors a variety of dining options, and an old-time grocery store specializing in country meats and hoop cheese.

Nestled in a quiet country atmosphere off highway 90 in Montezuma, there is a mobile home community that has been completely reinvented. New Beginnings Mobile Home Community took their name seriously when The Firm, Inc crossed its path. A new beginning was just what this little community needed to bring it back to life. This community began with 10 residents that called New Beginnings home. Many of the homes that filled this community were very run down and unsafe. Trees were overgrown; many of them posed danger to the current residents in the community. The Firm, Inc started by removing bad homes out and bringing in brand new homes. A total of 20 new three-bedroom two-bathroom homes were brought in and set up. These newer style homes not only brought in a lot of attention but gave this community the face lift that it needed to succeed. There has been a lot of time and effort into making New Beginnings the park it is today. New Beginnings is now fully occupied with great families that fill these new homes. The residents take pride in New Beginnings and it reflects each month with all residents paying rent when it comes due. Jacob Lindsey, the Regional Manager for New Beginnings, states “New Beginnings has made a big turnaround and has been the talk of the town for many months. We are immensely proud of the turnaround in this community, and hope it continues to be a place of pride for residents and other community members alike”. At last if you are a person that loves the sense of community then this is the place to be. New Beginnings located in Montezuma, Georgia will welcome you with open arms.