Tabitha Dahlstrom- Employee Spotlight

Tabitha Dahlstrom is an amazing woman who was born and raised in Monterey, California. In August of 2011, Tabitha’s mother contacted her after 40 years. She was asked to come and meet her mother in Kentucky. Tabitha’s intentions were to visit her mother in Kentucky and go back to California. “God had other plans for me” Tabitha states.  She decided to make the move to Kentucky in hopes that she could get a fresh start. She says making the move was the best thing that has happened to her.  After almost a year living in Kentucky her youngest sons father made the move as well. He found a good job and they got married shortly after. Mrs. Dahlstrom is a mother of 6 grown children with the youngest son who is 12 still living at home. She also has a family dog named Butter Cup. Tabitha has a big heart and finds herself volunteering throughout her community. She says that she loves to help people who are less fortunate. When she is not volunteering or working Tabitha loves to cook and make jewelry.

 Tabitha is the property manager for Green Acres. Green Acres Mobile Home Community is a community that is located in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. She has been the property manager there for a little over 8 months. Although she has been with The Firm, Inc for just a short time she has over 11 years’ experience in property management. She also has a certificate she earned as a Certified Apartment Manager. With her many years of experience and knowledge she has become a successful and great manager to the Green Acres Community. Tabitha loves what she does, when she is asked what she enjoys most about her job she says, “I love watching the community transform”. Green Acres has had a lot of transition in the few months that she has been the manager. She is eager to see what else The Firm, Inc will do to improve the life of Green Acres. The Firm, Inc is very fortunate to have such a loving, compassionate, and great person such as Tabitha as part of their team.