The Firm, Inc, a Nashville based Investor/Operator, Completes Acquisition of Kentucky Mobile Home Park

Nashville, TN  – The Firm, Inc., a Regional Manufactured Housing Community Investor/Operator, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sunset Drive Mobile Home Park located in Somerset, KY.  The Sunset Drive Community will benefit greatly from the proven systems and professionalism that The Firm, Inc. implements in communities across the Southeast.

In the coming weeks, The Firm, Inc. will complete improvements in the Sunset Drive MHP and again, create a great community for residents to call home.  The company will continue to apply their proven process to additional projects including this one and increase performance across the board for the Sunset Drive Community.

The Firm, Inc. plans for Sunset Drive Mobile Home Park include:

  • Pave the roads throughout the park
  • Cool seal appropriate mobile homes
  • Skirt appropriate mobile homes
  • Improve collections
  • Rehab current empty homes and fill them
  • Fix homes that currently have any plumbing or electrical problems
  • Complete landscaping projects to improve overall curb appeal
  • Convert park owned homes to tenant owned homes

 “We felt from the beginning that Sunset Drive Mobile Home Park is the opportunity that we spent a lot of time looking for. Deferred maintenance, nonexistent bookkeeping and basically it was a park running itself. We knew if we could get it at the right price and apply the strategies we have honed, then the city of Somerset, the residents of Sunset and The Firm, Inc will all benefit., said Kirby Horton, CEO of The Firm, Inc.

The mission of The Firm, Inc. is to assist other Investors and Operators in the revitalization of under-performing manufactured housing communities, for both the community residents as well as their investment partners. They implement a strategy and process that is timely, strategically efficient, and cost effective. For residents, they provide safe, clean, and affordable housing. For investment partners, they provide a proven method of creating significant returns.

The Firm, Inc. can be reached at 231-564-0899 or and 706-223-9812 or