Understanding the Responsibilities of a Sales Director

Sales Directors are the conductors of a company’s revenue engine.  To understand the responsibilities of a Sales Director, it’s important to understand their position on the team and the characteristics they embody.

A Sales Director cannot exist long selling mobile homes without being ethical and trustworthy.  Purchasing a manufactured home is one of the most important decisions a home buyer will make, and they will certainly be wary of a salesperson they deem to be deceptive or insincere.  Being cordial, soft spoken and knowledgeable, and showing sincere interest in their situation is crucial in creating an environment of comfort that is essential in the buyer/seller relationship.  A Sales Director needs to gain the customer’s trust through friendly conversation and interaction regarding their concerns, needs and desires.  You must let the customer talk and be a good listener.  Only then will you be able to obtain the information necessary to solve their situations that will result in a sale.

A successful Sales Director will be very familiar with the homes that they are selling, including price, floor plan, energy efficiency, storm safety, etc.  Processing knowledge of financing, terms and conditions, down payment, lot rent and requirements for approval are very helpful in the process to a successful sale.

It is extremely important for the Sales Director to develop a good and close relationship with the park managers.  Having a close relationship with the park managers will keep you informed when sites become available and make the leasing process much more pleasant for the resident as well as yourself and the park manager.  It’s a win for everyone involved.

After the sale has been completed, it is the opportune time to solidify the confidence that has been established between you and the resident that will lead to referrals.  You don’t ever want to be the subject of a typical customer refrain, “Now that they got our money, they don’t care about us anymore.”

To attain success in any sales capacity with personal satisfaction and financial reward requires the Sales Director to be sold on the product or service they are selling.  Today’s manufactured home is a product you can believe in, but first, you need to understand how this form of housing benefits the home buyer.  Second, you need to acquire the skills to personally interact with potential home purchaser and sell yourself.  There is much satisfaction knowing that you are playing a big part in the realization of the American dream of home ownership.  

In conclusion:  Having been in sales for over 30 years, it is my belief that being sincere, knowledgeable and listening to your customers will have you gaining the customers trust. Nothing is more important when achieving the American Dream.  

Gina Cheatham, Sales Director for The Firm, Inc.