Updating an Older Mobile Home and Increasing the Value

Older mobile homes are an affordable alternative to traditional housing, however, often sell for much less.  Although older mobile homes are far cheaper, potential buyers may be turned off by their “out of date” style.  There are many ways to renovate an older mobile home and increase the value.

Before you begin any cosmetic changes, make sure the mobile home is in good working order.  Water damage is typically the most expensive problem you can have with any home, and mobile homes are no different.  The signs of water damage include stains on the ceilings and soft spots on the floor.

Most of the older mobile homes were built with shingle roofs.  These shingles can deteriorate often needing to be replaced before a leak or other issues arise.  Aluminum siding was used in older mobile homes and is very durable.  You can paint the siding for a more updated, and fresh look.

Older mobile homes were also built with single-paned windows.  These windows are not visually pleasing, and more importantly, they are poor insulators.  You can replace these windows easier and less expensive than windows in a traditional home.  Double-paned vinyl windows that are used in the newer mobile homes are much prettier and energy efficient.

There are two parts of the flooring you need to pay attention to:  the surface floor which is mostly cosmetic, and the subfloor that provides the majority of the homes support.  If the floor feels bouncy then the subfloor is weak.

A kitchen renovation is a great way to improve the look of your older mobile home and increase the value.  You can add new cabinets, or paint the ones you already have, and don’t forget to replace the old knobs with new, more stylish ones. Update the light fixtures for a more updated look.  You can also make extra space by adding a kitchen island that allows you to move more freely through the room.

Replace dull doors with sturdy and stylish oak or other firm wood.  If your older mobile home has dark, fake paneling, you can prep it and paint over it or replace it with sheetrock and then paint over the sheetrock.  You can also replace old carpeting with wood or wood like flooring that will brighten the space and create a more updated look.

In your bathroom, remove old flooring and replace it with lengthwise floor planking that creates a sense of space.  Also, change out the old light fixtures and use LED lighting.  Paint the walls and cabinets, and don’t forget to replace the old knobs with ones that are new and more stylish.

In conclusion:  When renovating your older mobile home, there are many things to keep in mind, from assessing any structure damage to making repairs and designing your new look.  It is going to take time and patience, but in the end, will add beauty to your home and also increase the value.

By:  Gina Cheatham, Sales Director for the Firm, Inc.