Ways to Help Save on Your Utility Bill

Check out these simple tips to help save on your utility bill.

For most of us, the utility bill can be the biggest bill we pay each month! With these tips, we’ll help you save money on your utility bill all year long.

Adjust the Thermostat

 Keeping your thermostat properly adjusted during the year is one of the best things you can do to lower your utility bill. In the summer months, set your thermostat to low 80’s while you’re away from home, but when you return, change it to the mid 70’s. To further cool your home, turn on a fan. They use low levels of energy and can help keep you cool at a lower price.

During the winter months, you’ll want to keep your home in the high 60’s when home, but in the low 60’s when out and about. During the fall and spring seasons when temperatures are less harsh, you can open windows and let the wind circulate throughout the house!

Another energy guzzler can be the refrigerator. Make sure to adjust it because keeping temperatures too low will also cause a rise in your power bill. Saving energy and money can be easy as long as you keep these simple tips in mind when adjusting any thermostats in your home.

Power Down

 A simple and obvious way to save on your utility bill is to turn off the things not being used. Make it a habit to turn off lights, TVs, fans, etc. when leaving a room and the house. Although it doesn’t seem like much, leaving a TV on all day when you’re away can boost up a power bill to unnecessarily high levels. This will not only save you money on the utility bill itself, but you also won’t have to replace light bulbs as often.

Be Wary with Water

A small leak can cause much bigger problems. Make sure to check your pipes periodically and fix any leaky faucets to ensure no sudden spikes in your water bill. You can also turn the water heater down to 120 degrees, but check the dishwasher manual first to make sure it doesn’t require a certain temperature to run properly. Also, don’t leave the shower, tub faucet or kitchen sink on with water running any longer than needed. These may seem like tedious tasks, but can save you bunches on the water bill.

Keep it Clean

A dirty oven or microwave won’t work properly and will inefficiently use more energy to accomplish smaller tasks. Because of this, you should clean all household appliances routinely to ensure efficient use of their energy. The same goes for air filters. Make sure to replace them on the suggested dates so you get the max performance from your ac unit at lower costs.

With these simple, yet very useful tips, you can lower the shock factor that comes with receiving your high utility bills. They will also help you expand the life of your appliances, leading to even more savings !